Art Deco Bronze

 Lovely heavy quality Art Deco style bronze sculpture of a dancing girl after the style of  D H CHIPARUS . She is semi-nude and standing on her toes with her arms out stretched , wearing a loose fitting skirt and jewellery in the classical Egyptian style . This bronze sculpture is very stylish and sits on a large and heavy marble base .

Recast from an original by the famous sculptor Chiparus, it bears the replica foundry mark and signature of the great man and is a high quality hot cast solid bronze produced using the traditional ‘lost wax’ also known as the ‘cire perdue’ method of bronze casting. This bronze sculpture of a dancing girl is an impressive piece.

Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947) is regarded as the master of Art Deco bronzes. His sculptures highlight the timeless beauty of the dancers and fashion of the period. Whether his subjects are femmes fatales or demure heroines, all of Chiparus's women possess the idealized attitudes of the dance and the erotic posturings of the music hall. Their bodies are lithe and active, glorying in freedom, knowing no constraints. Their costumes reflect the elegant fashions of the day

Dating from the late 1900s, this wonderful Art Deco bronze sculpture is in excellent condition.

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